truck set-up

The owner of Kingdom Trucking takes great pride in providing all of our drivers the very best equipment to operate and contribute to their job satisfaction with our company.  The owner makes sure that our equipment is properly maintained with designated cycles to continue our focus on driver satisfaction.  Kingdom Trucking drivers know they are driving the very best on the road today. 

We focus on safety, performance, fuel economy, and interior specifications that provide our drivers with top notch comfort and enjoyment of operation. We want our drivers work environment to be one they are proud of and contributes to their success.  

Please take a moment to look at our truck set up list below and see what we offer our drivers in comfort and what we consider a “First Class” truck set up.  We are very proud to offer this truck set up to our drivers and lease on drivers.

* Triangles/ fire extinguisher/ first aid kit/ flashlight/hard hat/gloves/eye protection

Kingdom Trucking

1245 Southridge Ct. #102
Hurst, Tarrant County 76053

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