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Ivan oversees all operations and business activities to ensure that the results are consistent with the overall company strategy, values and mission. 

FIDELINA RAMIREZ - HR & Marketing Manager 

Fidelina is entrusted with our most value resource: our people! Fidelina conducts all recruiting as well as maintains constant communication with our employees to address benefit plans,  policy and procedures, and government compliance. Fidelina also oversees all marketing and social media projects. 



GISELLE DE JESUS - Office & Acct. Manager

Giselle oversees all corporate functions. She strives daily to fulfill the improvement of technology and processes to increase value to our customers. Giselle is in constant communication with our customers to ensure their satisfaction.



RUBY RIVERA - Lead Load Planner / Dispatcher 

Ruby provides years of experience, in shipment distribution and load coordination sector. She currently provides load planning, freight scheduling and dispatching for our customers and drivers. In addition to maintaining vendor data bases Ruby speaks with our customers and drivers/carriers daily, and is the first to respond to customer needs. 

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